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Gnojila in hranilna podlaga TROPICA

Tudi Tropica ima svoje proizvode za ugodno rast naših rastlin v akvarijih.

AquaCare product properties

Tropica AquaCare is a series of fertilizer products which are developed based on 35 years experience within the production and development of plants, and from the experience of the most skilled aquarists. The products are scientifically developed to produce healthy and fertile waterplants, throughout the plant's lifetime.

The products are designed to supply nutrition to waterplants without promoting algae growth in aquariums. Tropica AquaCare fertilizer products promote nutrition absorption through increased growth. The AquaCare series therefore prevents algae growth and creates a unique aquarium experience.

From a desert to an oasis!

A simple aquarium with gravel, light and water from the tap is, from the plants point of view, equivalent to growing in a desert. Better light promotes growth. However light alone is not enough.
In the aquarium, plants are supplied with vital nutrients via fish excrement and food remnants. This does not, however, provide all the nutrients plants require to maintain a healthy and fertile growth. Tropica AquaCare products are developed to supply nutrition to waterplants without promoting algae growth in aquariums.

When should I use AquaCare products?

Both PLANT SUBSTRATE and PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules are products which supply waterplants with nutrition via their roots. The risk of the release of nutrients to the water and algae growth is therefore minimal. Liquid fertilizers should be used with great care. We therefore recommend that PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid is only used in aquariums where there are many plants and relatively few fish. PLANT NUTRITION liquid is suitable for aquariums with many fish.


PLANT SUBSTRATE acts as a long term nutrition store for waterplants, so ensuring magnificent and healthy waterplant growth. PLANT SUBSTRATE is a natural concentrate of clay and sphagnum, laid at the bottom of the gravel layer when you build your aquarium. Clay and sphagnum slowly release nutrients to waterplant roots and binds nutrition in the water in the bottom layer. Removing nutrition from water reduces the risk of undesirable algae growth.

PLANT SUBSTRATE - test results

The effect of PLANT SUBSTRATE has been tested on a number of waterplants with very different growth patterns and colours. The results are excellent. When compared with plants in aquariums with just gravel, all plant species in aquariums where PLANT SUBSTRATE has been used show a positive growth response.

We have also measured PLANT SUBSTRATE�s effect on water pH and carbonate hardness (dKH). The measurements show that pH and dKH development in aquariums in which PLANT SUBSTRATE is used is identical to that in the aquariums in which it is not used. PLANT SUBSTRATE therefore does not affect water chemistry.


PLANT NUTRTION+ capsules supply your waterplants with all the nutrients they need for healthy and sustained growth over a long period of time. Nutrition release rates do not exceed plant absorption rates, so ensuring nutrition remains within a closed cycle between capsules and plant roots. PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules, besides ensuring fertile growth, also promote plant growth and the absorption of nutrients from water. This reduces the risk of undesirable algae growth.

1-3 capsules depending on plant size and expected nutrition requirements, placed by plant roots, minimum 4 cm below the gravel surface. Carefully cover any holes made with sand and gravel.

The capsules are particularly suitable for stem plants and for larger rosette plants (such as the Echinodorus species). Large and rapid growth plants can require up to 3 capsules. 1-2 capsules are recommended for smaller plants (see table). Where planting density is high, each capsule supplies an area of 5 x 5 cm. New capsules are added after 6-12 months. Note: the capsules contain nitrogen and phosphorus. It is therefore important that plants are thriving and are in growth when the capsules are added. If you are uncertain about dosage, try first with one capsule and adjust dosage to plant reaction.

Pokazi sliko v pravi velikosti

PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules - test results

PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules effect has been tested on a number of different waterplants with different growth patterns. In one series of tests (with AquaCare), the substrate of one set of aquaria was enriched with PLANT NUTRTION+ capsules, while the other set had a substrate of only gravel. All plant species in the test displayed a positive growth response to PLANT NUTRTION+ capsules when compared with plants with substrates of just gravel.

The nutrition release from capsules was recorded week by week. The results showed a constant release. Parallel plant growth observations showed fertilizer capsules to have a positive effect on plant growth and that the fertilizer concentrate has no harmful effect around the roots. The capsules had neither a positive nor a negative effect on the foreground plant Hemianthus micranthenoides. This is due to the plant only absorbing nutrition from water and not through the roots.


PLANT NUTRITION liquid contains the most important nutrients for healthy and sustained aquarium plant growth. PLANT NUTRITION liquid does not however contain nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P).

PLANT NUTRITION liquid therefore supplies the nutrients plants easily run out of and which plants ideally absorb via the leaves. These are the nutrients which are supplied via fish excrement and food remnants. We therefore recommend PLANT NUTRITION liquid for aquariums with few plants and a relatively large number of fish.

PLANT NUTRITION liquid was previously marketed under the 'Tropica Mastergrow' brand.

PLANT NUTRITION liquid is added each week when changing the water. A flask is used to ensure an accurate dosage. The fertilizer is forced up into the fertilizer chamber by a single press on the flask. We recommend 5 mL per 50 L water per week, but recommend that this is set in accordance with plant requirements. For example, light leaves often indicate lack of nutrition, but can also be due to poor growth. Echinodorus bleheri is a typical example of lack of micro-nutrients. Regular dosing with PLANT NUTRITION liquid can restore green and luxuriant leaves. Note, however, that PLANT NUTRITION liquid is a fertilizer and not a medicine for dying plants.

It is recommended that minimum 25 % of the aquarium water is changed every second week. If undesirable algae growth does occur, then we recommend increasing water change frequency (up to 50%) and planting additional rapid growth waterplants such as Hygrophila, Vallisneira and Egeria.

Photo by Lars Hillman


PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid contains all essential nutrients needed including nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid is suitable for aquariums with many plants in relation to the number of fish, where plants can lack nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) which otherwise would be supplied by fish excrement and food remnants.

PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid is composed so that N and P in particular are supplied to the plants in the amounts and chemical forms the plants require for optimal absorption and growth. The waterplant fertilizer has been developed for plants which easily absorb nutrients from the water via the leaves, which typically are the low, compact foreground plants. The fertilizer also contributes to the supply of the nutrition large stem and rosette plants require.

Pokazi sliko v pravi velikosti

PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid is added each week when the water is changed. We recommend 5 mL per 50 L water. However, we recommended that this is set in accordance with plant requirements. PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid contains, in addition to micro-nutrients, all essential macro-nutrients. The fertilizer is particularly suitable where plants display a lack of nutrition. However note that if algae growth starts, PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid will promote this growth.

PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid contains nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Dosage must therefore be adapted to plant absorption rates, to avoid undesirable algae growth. Where signs of algae growth develop, reduce the dosage by 50% and increase water changing frequency by 50 %. Changing the water not only reduces the concentration of nutrients in the water, but also removes algae spores, remnants and other accumulated elements from the aquarium water.

PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid - test results

The effect of adding nitrogen and phosphorus to PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid (with N and P) has been tested against PLANT NUTRITION liquid (without N and P) on plant species with very different growth forms. All plant species which received waterplant fertilization with N and P showed a positive growth response compared with plants which did not have access to N and P.

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SAM 2013

Preberite novo izdajo revije SAM, kjer boste našli marsikatero zanimivost iz sveta akvaristike.

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